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Pressure Balance Plug Valves

Key Applications

  • For systems of petrochemical, chemical, natural gas, LPG, gas, HVAC, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Design Features

  • Sizes from NPS 2” to 24”(DN50 to DN600)
  • CLASS 150 to 1500 (PN20 to PN260)
  • Operating temperature -46℃ to 120℃
  • The sealing faces of valve seat and valve clack are build-up welded with hard alloy to improve the erosion resistance and extend the service life of valve
  • The important feature of plug valve is that it is adaptive to multi-passage structure, so one valve can have two, three or even four flow passes.
  • Quick opening and closing, small flow resistance, and fast angular travel operation
  • The medium can flow in two directions, facilitating unlimited mounting direction and online repair.
  • Small switching moment, reliable sealing
  • Reversed plug design, the higher the pressure is, the better the sealing performance is.
  • Emergency injection function of valve stem
  • Injection hole and channel are provided on the valve body for injecting stop-leak compound between sealing faces.


Design Standards

  • API 6D
  • API 599
  • ASME B16.34


  • ASME B16.10
  • GB/T 12221

End Connection

  • ASME B16.5
  • ASME B16.25
  • GB/T 9113
  • GB/T 12224

Test Standards

  • API 598
  • ISO 5208
  • GB/T 26480
  • GB/T 13927