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About Us

James, Cunzheng Fang
Founder of FZV Group

Fangzheng Valve Group Co., Ltd. (FZV) was founded in 1983, and has built a reputation for quality products backed by its industry leading customer service program. Today, FZV has an annual production capacity of over 32,000 t, 780 employees, and a strong network of sales offices across the globe, including a sales network in China, Japan, Canada, Europe and the United States of America.

Quality, Service and Support

An award winning, progressive and innovative manufacturer, FZV has focused its attention on its quality control processes and programs through a series of process improvement investments and training initiatives. These advancements provide FZV the foundation to secure business and loyalty of an international clientele as well as numerous AML approvals by industry leading companies.

A Global Leader in Valve Manufacturer

FZV’s ongoing investment in production equipment now includes a new enterprise resource planning system (ERP), a large machining center (with over 400 machines), heat treatment facilities, as well as equipment to conduct critical testing including cryogenic, ultra-low temperature and high temperature test system, torque test system, low-temperature leakage test system, chemical composition analysis, fireproof test devices with Lloyd’s certification, mechanical property testing, ultrasonic testing (UT), magnetic particle testing (MT), die-penetrant testing (PT), as well as non-destructive examination capabilities – all developed with a focus on quality and repeatability.

FZV has also secured multiple national technical patents for the development of pressure balance hard seal plug valve, self-lubricating hard seal plug valve, flexible/hard double seal mud valve, ball valve for long-distance transportation, plug valve for long-distance transportation, as well as a pig valve launcher and receiver.

Investing in Systems to Support

FZV’s new enterprise resource planning system (ERP) provides planning and reporting capabilities previously unavailable. The new and expanded system allows for industry leading production tracking, reduced lead times, time line and shipment accuracy, as well as improved financial and operational planning.

Health and Safety

FZV has maintained a rigorous program to ensure the health and safety of its employees and work environment.

Group Structure

FZV has expanded into a group with 4 holding companies, oversea branches, sales offices and sales agents. We have manufacturing plants in both Shanghai and Wenzhou, China. We dedicate to producing excellent valves, to achieve customer satisfaction base on the principle of quality assurance and continual improvement. A member of Petro China, Sinopec, CNOOC & China Valve Associates.

Health, Safety & Environment

Safety is a priority, and it shows!

FZV takes pride in having a safe workplace for employees, suppliers, and visitors, and has a solid history of providing a safe and injury free workplace. FZV believes that using the correct equipment, planning the work appropriately, and taking ample precautions can greatly improve the conditions of the workplace and the safety of its people. Time spent planning to conduct safe work is considered time well spent. Additionally, all FZV employees are expected to conduct their work in a professional manner, which includes keeping their work sites clean and complying with health and safety guidelines. FZV employees must ensure that they follow safe work practices and wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.